Edible Dry Beans

Currently available from the 2018 crop:

Black Turtle Beans
heirloom black turtle beansThis bean is believed to have originated in southern Mexico and Central America over 7,000 years ago. Black Turtle beans are one of the tastiest beans we know. They have a deep, rich flavor that works superbly in soups, chili, and as refried beans. We grew both the modern Eclipse and an heirloom variety.

Red Beans
Deep red with a white hilum, the Merlot variety we grow is two or three times the size of a standard black bean. They hold their shape well when cooked and are perfect for Cajun-style red beans and rice. They are perfect in recipes calling for pinto or red kidney beans, like chili, salads, or soups.

Other beans we have grown:

Mayacoba (Canary) BeansHeirloom
A classic pale yellow bean from Peru, the Mayocoba is also known as Canario or Peruano. It’s a small but meaty thin-skinned bean that will take on all the flavors you can throw at it but still hold its shape. Great as a substitute for Cannellini or great Northern beans but unique in its own right. (Description from Rancho Gordo.)

Cannellini Beans
Sometimes called “white kidney beans,” the bush-type Silver Cloud variety of this traditional Italian white bean is tender and delicious. Great for minestrone, pasta e fagioli, beans confit, and more.

Painted Pony Beans – heirloom
This was the winner of our 2014 dozen-heirloom bean test, so this year’s crop will be for seed only. White with brown “paint” splotches, this is a long thin bean that looks like a prettier, skinnier kidney. Painted ponies have a thick skin and hold their shape well when cooked. Great for winter soups.

Edible Chicago ran a photo of our beans on the cover of their Fall 2011 issue, to go along with an article inside about heirloom beans.