Farm Rotation Maps

Crop rotations are perhaps the most important, interesting, and debatable component of organic farming. Our choice of crops and the order in which they are planted determines our soil structure, nutrient availability, and the weed, disease, and pest pressures that we will face. We also have to consider the rotation and its effect on those determining factors as we consider, ultimately, the income that we will obtain from the farm – in the short term and in the long term.

2013 Farm Map: 100% Certified Organic

Field Map 2013

    Field 1: orchard
    Field 2N: sweet corn
    Field 2S: TP1 – garlic, vegetables; TP2 – dry bean test plot; TP3 – fallow; rest – Merlot red chili beans, asparagus, beehives
    Field 3: field corn
    Field 4N: Eclipse black beans, food-grade soybeans
    Field 4S: hard red winter wheat (Expedition), heirloom Turkey Red winter wheat
    Field 5: possible future expansion – may begin transition in Fall 2013

2012 Farm Map: Third year of organic transition.

Updated field map for 2012

We updated the field map this year to show our 3 new grain bins. It also now shows our three garden “test plots” – we rotate our small-scale test crops (including garlic) among the three.

    Field 1: orchard
    Field 2N: calypso beans, food-grade soybeans
    Field 2S: TP1 – fallow; TP2 – garlic, vegetables; TP3 – vegetables; rest – sweet corn, asparagus, beehives
    Field 3: soft red winter wheat, hard red winter wheat, hard red spring wheat
    Field 4N: field corn
    Field 4S: black turtle beans, tiger’s eye beans, food-grade soybeans

2011 Farm Map: Second year of organic transition.

Farm Map 2011

2010 Farm Map: First year of organic transition, first growing season under Breslin Farms management.

2010 breslin farms crop plan

2009: Whole farm in conventional field corn, not under Breslin Farms management. Last application of an NOP-prohibited substance: August 3, 2009.

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