Some ideas for using our Hard Red Winter Wheat:

Well, you could use a home mill, blender, or coffee grinder to grind the grain into whole wheat flour (we have some available for sale, ground to order). Then you could make this delicious recipe:


No grinder? No problem. Follow the links below to try out some of our favorite (i.e. easiest & most delicious) ways to use the whole grain, or wheat berry:

Soaking or sprouting changes the texture and flavor of the grain, and some folks say it increases nutrient availability and digestibility.


Ancient Grains for Breakfast
Martha Rose Schulman offers a mouthwatering preparation for wheat berries – delicious with our heirloom Turkey Red wheat.

Check out this Locavore Gal’s blog entry about her breakfast of cooked wheat berries with hot milk, honey, and berries.

Dahlia – Indian Wheat Porridge
This recipe is made with cracked wheat, and it’s a savory traditional Indian breakfast dish.

Homemade Cream of Wheat with a Nutri-Mill
Homemade Cream of Wheat with a hand-crank mill

Cooked or sprouted wheat berries can be used in our favorite grain salad recipes.

Wheat berries are often used instead of pasta in Italian soups. Or, use cooked wheat berries as a base for our Curried Black Bean Soup.


Green City Gumbo, created by Kitt Healy of the Green City Market, is served over a bed of cooked wheat berries.

One Batch of Wheat Berries, Five Dinners


Banana Bread
Lori, a customer who buys from us at the Glenwood Sunday Market, recommends this recipe – it uses only whole wheat flour and is still delicious!

Pie Crust
Our friends at Farm Fresh Chicago and Every Last Morsel teamed up to make a completely local pie for the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest. This is their crust recipe that uses our hard red winter wheat flour.

For more ideas, check out Seven Ways to use Wheat Berries Without a Grinder

Other helpful articles:

How to Crack Wheat
Be Kind To Your Grains

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