How to Make Tofu with No Fancy Equipment

(Learn more about the history of tofu.)

What to do with the leftovers from making tofu or soymilk? It’s called okara, and it can be a delicious granola-type breakfast:

Okara Crumble

Our friend Alberto of Alberto Ristorante in Ottawa makes everything delicious, including our food-grade soybeans. This is his recounting of what he did to make them so.

Soak food-grade soybeans overnight, then cook until tender – 1.5-2 hours in chicken broth. Strain. Put the beans in the food processor with

dry mustard powder
fresh pressed garlic (1-2 cloves)

Form the processed bean mixture into a cake, and pan-fry in olive oil or butter until they are brown and smell delicious. These burgers freeze well.

Soak about 2 pounds of food-grade soybeans overnight, and cook beans in water or broth with about 3 inches of liquid above the beans. Cook beans until nearly tender, then raise heat and add:

1 c. red wine (though white is okay)
sautee onion, carrot, and celery and add it to the beans with a crushed tomato
salt and pepper to taste.

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