Burn and Rebirth

The first week of April, we picked a sunny day with a light breeze from the west to light the burnpile out by the road (mostly brush and empty bean pods). Somehow the flame traveled into the wind and burned a section of the dry grasses in the area along the banks of Buck Creek (left).

creek, immediately post-burn burned banks, 1 week later

Quite a bit of excitement ensued as we tried to make sure that we didn’t burn the little bushes we planted last fall or, heaven forbid, our neighbors’ fields. Water and beating with pitchforks kept it (mostly) under control, and a small back-fire is what stopped it in the end. One week later (right), the grasses had come back so quickly that it was already hard to see the blackened banks.

We haven’t seen any erosion in this area, so we’re calling it good luck. Who knows? Maybe we even eradicated some invasive species.

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